Z-pro Tango 2 man Inflatable Kayak Red Package

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Z-pro Tango 2 man Inflatable Kayak Red Package

Light enough and short enough to be easily paddled and handled by one person, yet it is still large enough for two people and a lot of gear. It is very easy to inflate and deflate using our deluxe H3 valve that is removable, replaceable, reliable and airtight. The Tango TA200 tracks better and paddles faster when using skeg. Because the bottom floor and bottom 1/3 of the side tubes are made with 1000 denier supported fabric, this kayak is as strong as other supported fabric kayaks.


Tube & Bottom Bladder: 22 gauge K-80 PVC 0.60mm
Outside Cover, Bow & Stern Cover: 840 Denier Nylon Oxford with PU Coating
Bottom Cover: 1000 Denier Supported Fabric 0.55mm
Pad on Side Tubes: Neoprene
3 Airchambers
Directional strakes and a demountable skeg.