Hyperlite Jam 2018

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Hyperlite Jam 2018

Overhauled for 2018, the Jam is re-shaped with a thinner overall profile from tip to tail. This provides the full flex characteristics cherished by today’s park riders. The new profile allows our Fully Machined Crossover Flex Core to perform with maximum efficiency. The Crossover Flex Core combines wood and foam for the perfect flex surrounded by a bomber construction for maximum durability. Wrapped with a 360 degree Urethane Sidewall provides a flexy feel and delivers protection going up against the most challenging rails and kickers in your favorite park.


Sintered Enduro Base

Urethane Sidewall

Crossover Construction

Tri-Ax Glass

Continuous Rocker New For 2018!

Fully Machined Wood Core

M6 Inserts

Newly Thinned Thickness Profile

Curved Rail Channels

Smooth Base Design