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2019 Ronix Kinetik Flexbox 1 - 150

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The cable kingpin is refined for 2019 with a new 3D wood core that runs top to bottom with individualized pressure points for the most in feel on features or on the water, as opposed to the conventional tip to tail, or rail to rail wood layup.  A design with less rocker for infinite top water speed, reduced drag and more overall contact.  This Kinetik features the exact same core, profile, and rocker as the Springbox 2, but has totally different pressure points. Flexbox 1 is for riders that like a softer mid-section allowing the center of the board to really bend into a press. Once in a press, the slightly stiffer tip/tail allows the rider to really pivot off the feature. This Kinetik has more of a solid snap off kickers, and works better for air tricks because a rider needs that added support when they flick off the end of the board. THE BOARD THAT STARTED VARYING FLEX – Kinetik Project.